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For decades, chiropractors have been helping people manage pain and reduce stress. At OBX McGriff Chiropractic, we continue that tradition by providing holistic, noninvasive care. 

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Why Chiropractic?


Our non-invasive treatments allow you to avoid surgery while still getting the help you need.


Our non-invasive treatments allow you to avoid surgery while still getting the help you need.


With the right treatment, our office can help you ensure you're getting the most from your workouts.


Stress is expressed throughout your entire body. By soothing your muscles, chiropractic allows you to 

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“It was nice to have someone there for me after my car accident. Thank you!”

Jane Faber

“After years of football, I was worried about my back. OBX McGriff Chiropractic helped me a lot."

John Smith

“I haven't had my back cracked like that in years!"

Madelaine Taylor

“Everyone's so nice here! I've had spinal problems since I was a kid, but OBX McGriff Chiropractic helped make them better."

Sheila Marks

About Us

OBX McGriff Chiropractic is dedicated to helping NC residents get the chiropractic care they need. Whether you're recovering from an auto accident, seeking treatment for an ongoing condition, or simply trying to find a solution for general pain, you can come to OBX McGriff Chiropractic for help.

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