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Chiropractic Can Save Your Health and Save You Money

Millions of Americans see chiropractors each year because it’s a natural, effective choice. What many people don’t realize is how much of an investment chiropractic is in your future health. In other words, chiropractic care isn’t just about the here and now.

Do we have your attention? Here’s how regular chiropractic care can help to reduce your need for pharmaceuticals and reduce your healthcare costs as it makes you a little bit happier in the process.

What the Study Found

The results of the seven-year study are striking. it found that among patients who regularly used chiropractic care in their healthcare plan there were:

  • 60 percent fewer hospitalizations

  • 62 percent fewer outpatient procedures and surgeries

  • 59 percent fewer hospitalizations

  • 85 percent savings in pharmaceuticals costs

Another interesting conclusion reached by this study was that when chiropractors were added as primary care providers, chiropractors were able to provide all the care people required each year in 60 percent of the cases. When additional care from other healthcare providers was needed, chiropractors then referred patients to other medical providers and 93 percent of those providers agreed with the diagnosis given by the chiropractors in the referral.

Healthcare Savings With Chiropractic

Looking at the results of the study, it’s obvious that savings go deeper than simply the cost of the healthcare a person received. This study also revealed that when people used chiropractic care as their primary healthcare choice, they needed fewer interventions -- from surgeries to hospital stays to drugs to treat physical symptoms.

Patients also reported being happier with their healthcare choices, likely stemming from the fact that fewer medical interventions translated into less missed work and less time rehabilitating from injuries or surgeries. That puts more money in your pocket. How can that make you anything but happy? You might say that chiropractic care helps cure an ailing wallet.

Why Chiropractic Healthcare?

If you’ve not tried chiropractic yet, you may be wondering how the results of the study can be true. After all, don’t chiropractors focus on the spine? While it is true that chiropractors are doctors who concentrate on the spine, or back, they’re also experts in treating the whole body. The optimal performance of the central nervous system, which is encased in the spine and affects every organism in your body, has an impact on things like whether you get sick or if your toes are sore. Not only do they apply hands-on chiropractic techniques to address the spine and other joints -- ribs, ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and shoulders -- but do so in combination with consultations on things such as your posture, exercise, and diet to ensure your body is working optimally from head to toe.

You can live healthier and save money in the process with the help of chiropractic care.

At OBX McGriff Chiropractic, we strive to help you become the best you can be. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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